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Become Part Of The Optimal Golf Tribe To Get In Shape And Improve Your Golf In 12 Weeks (Even If You Hate Gyms And Working Out)


Dear Golfer,

Let's be real...


You want to stay in shape AND improve your golf.


I get it.




That normally means you have to spend countless hours in the gym though right?

Oh, and of course...


You'll need to go 5/6 days a week too if you want it to work right?


.........Golfers can keep in shape AND improve your golf in 12 week blocks by going just 2/3 times per week for 1 hour........

Hundreds of golfers in Dubai are doing exactly this.

Like you...


They too don't have much (if any) free time to spend hours in the gym.

So here's what they do:


They skip past all the time-wasting crap..

Working out effectively for an hour.

Then that's it.

That's one of their 2/3 workouts for the week.

And the best thing?

Now you can use this exact same process to keep in shape AND improve your golf. Here's how:

How You Can Get In Shape And Improve Your Golf With The New Optimal Golf Packages (With A Truly Ridiculous Guarantee)

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.........You wanna know the guarantee eh?.........


Well hold your horses for a sec.

Because here's the honest truth:


All you need to be able to get in shape AND improve your golf is this:

     (1) A structured exercise plan.

     (2) Quality coaching.

     (3) Discipline.

But if one of those is off...

Bye bye results!

So look, here's my point:

.............I can help you get in shape AND improve your golf by focusing on golf specific exercises as well as overall strengthening exercises.............



If you're not disciplined and can't commit to a simple training program.

Then this probably won't work for you.


But if you can commit to 1 or 2 hours per week...

.............Now you can achieve a toned body AND the improved golf game at the same time................

You can walk down JBR with confidence

Knowing that you put in the work

That you deserve it.

Because honestly...


That feeling is one of a kind.

And you can get to it in as little as 12 weeks with a guarantee from me personally. Here's how:

Alright, Alright.. The Guarantee!

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If you don't feel more confident in your body in 12 weeks..




See an improvement in your game..

Then I will refund you the entire package..

No. Questions. Asked.

.........Seems ridiculous doesn't it.........


But because I'm so sure you'll get results from it..

I am willing to offer this ridiculous guarantee.

Simply fill out the form below to reserve your place for one of the packages and I will get back to you ASAP.



P.S. What makes this worth it for me is the feedback I get from clients -  telling me how they can now walk down JBR topless and feel so much better about themselves. That feeling alone is something that money can't buy. You can achieve this too with a simple program. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot.

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